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Cold Steel, Damascus Vikingesværd

6.935,00 kr.

Kvalitetssværd fra Cold Steel.

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Was it your destiny to be a Viking Earl? If you’ve got warrior blood in your veins, then we have two weapons you’re bound to love. The Damascus Viking Sword and its companion, Long Sax are hand forged from our finest Damascus steel and come fully sharpened and ready for battle. They include some superb appointments, each featuring a beautiful Rosewood grip, and a classically styled guard and pommel made from brass and steel that’s “sandwiched” in the ancient fashion, and polished to a lustrous shine. The sword comes with an impressive wood and leather scabbard that includes a belt loop and a brass throat and chape, that’s accented by deeply embossed decorative elements. The Long Sax comes with an historically correct, thick leather scabbard complete with an embossed brass welt, chape, and carrying rings.

Vægt: 1125 g.
Tykkelse 4 mm
Længde, blad: 76,2 cm
Længde, skæfte: 17,8 cm
Længde i alt: 94 cm
Materiale: Damascus

Inklusive: Læder balg med messingbeslag


Cold Steel


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