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Cold Steel, Italiensk Duelsabel

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Most military sabers are effective for cutting and thrusting, but they can be heavy and are challenging to wield with precision for any length of time. The Italian Dueling Saber, however, is different! Its long, slim, moderately curved blade is feather light and you can easily write your name in scarlet with its razor edge. Many years ago, Maestro Ramon Martinez introduced this fiercely effective blade to our president, Lynn C. Thompson, and Lynn was impressed enough to want to produce one for Cold Steel. Our Italian Dueling Saber is best described as ornate. The blade, artfully forged, tempered, and polished has an attractive deep scroll etching that is sure to capture your eye, and the intricately pierced guard is made from brightly polished nickel steel. The guard has rolled edges and provides unsurpassed protection for a swordsman’s hand and forearm. The handsome scabbard is made of thick black leather and features a mirror polished and etched throat and chape, with dual carrying rings.

Vægt: 618 g

Tykkelse: 5 mm

Længde, klinge: 81,3 cm

Længde, skæfte: 15,2 cm

Længde, totalt: 96,5 cm

Materiale: 1055 carbon-stål


Cold Steel


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