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Cold Steel, San Mai® Tai Pan kniv

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Amerikansk kvalitetskniv.

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Like its serpent namesake, the Tai Pan® is aggressively fast and deadly. Designed by Lynn C. Thompson in the distinctive “Tanto” style, the Tai Pan® embodies all the best features of a classic dagger while minimizing its shortcomings. Most daggers are notorious for having thin, fragile points that are easily broken. In contrast, the Tai Pan® features a sturdy spear point which is wide and thick enough to resist breaking without compromising its ability to offer deep, effortless, penetration.

Vægt: 306 g

Tykkelse: 5 mm

Længde, klinge: 19,1 cm

Længde, skæfte: 14 cm

Længde, totalt: 33,1 cm

Materiale: VG-10 San Mai®


Cold Steel


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